Antartica is the project of two Brussels young entrepreneurs. Our aim is to give a concrete application to the most recent technologies in businesses and individuals everyday life, in the field of image projection. In order to do so, we have developed several services in 360°, live videos, community management, virtual reality and 3D drawings fields.


To embrace the sharing transition, it is necessary to adopt a change-making mindset, and stimulate entrepreneurship in new areas such as sharing, circular, and social economy. That is why we launched Sharify, an organization dedicated to this new transition and focused on three main activities: education, ideation and acceleration. We intend to co- create our community around common values and strong interest for impact entrepreneurship.


Since October 2015, I am Skygate co-owner. I created an IT branch in Skygate, and provided IT services for several clients.

Central Eastern European Business Council

CEE-BC is a Belgian association working with Eastern European companies, promoting them in other European countries and institutions, and working on various European projects.